Plymouth Citybus launches new app and website


Bus passengers in the wider Plymouth area have information about their journeys at their fingertips, thanks to the new Plymouth Citybus app and website.

Following the launch of the updated app in May, the new website integrates with it fully. Passengers can now see timetables for all routes, be alerted to any disruptions and see where their bus is in real time, as well as save their favourite routes and destinations so it’s even easier for them to get the information they want in the future.

Head of Commercial and Marketing, Mark Collins, said: “More and more customers are telling us they’re using digital means of finding out information, so it’s important we’re able to provide it to them. The website and app allow customers to get the information they need at the touch of a button, something which is becoming an expectation in today’s digital-first world.

“Whether they’re using the website at home or in the office, or relying on the app as they go around the city, these latest updates make getting the bus easier than ever.”

The website and app have full details of all the ticket types and how to buy them, as well as a journey planner to help you get from A to B, wherever you are in the city. Using the app means passengers don’t have to worry about losing paper tickets or handling money, all the information is stored on their phone.

The website also hosts the innovative NotLost platform. NotLost allows passengers to upload descriptions of their property and then automatically searches the database of items to find possible matches. This system saves up to 80% of the time normally spent on lost property queries so the Customer Experience Team have more time to spend on more complex queries.

Visit  or download the Plymouth Citybus app from the App Store or Google Play Store to see for yourself.

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