Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities

Everything we do here at the Devon & Plymouth Chamber is built around our strategic priorities, which enable us to focus our efforts where our members need us most.

Our priorities for 2022 are going to be focussed on People, Planet and Purpose.

People is about inclusive recruitment, employment, skills, education and training.

Planet is about achieving Net Zero, working towards Sustainable Development Goals, clean growth and transport.

Purpose is about doing business that has positive social impact, creates employment and sustainable growth.

Where these intersect is ‘good business’, which is proven to be productive and profitable, and the Chamber intends to be at the heart of that.

We have surveyed our members and directors as to what they thought were the most important areas for our businesses, and now we want to hear from you, our members.

As a result, we have identified eight key strategic priorities, to which we have assigned a director, a staff member and member business(es) for each.

Skills, Education and Training

What: Ensuring skills, education and training meet the strategic needs of business and are responsive to the prevailing situation. Helping people in our area have the best chance of employment and life chances. Ensuring growth is inclusive. Lobbying to ensure skills, education and training are affordable for business.

Who: Pauline Hands, Rich Adams, and Helen Hart

Sales, supply chains and local procurement

What: Helping make local procurement easy and building resilient supply chains. Keeping the pound local where possible.

Who: Linda Middleton-Jones and Stuart Elford

Access to finance

What: Informing and educating businesses about finance and the opportunities available.

Who: Tim Jones and Helen Hart

Building business resilience and offering opportunities

What: Supporting businesses with information, advice, events and training to make them aware of every opportunity and ensure they are resilient and sustainable.

Who: Emily Beaumont and Helen Hart

New markets and international trade

What: Accessing new markets, advice and training, especially considering Brexit and supporting our businesses to trade internationally.

Who: Linda Middleton-Jones and Nick Byrne


What: Improving infrastructure, skills and access to digital resources. Lobbying for the best connectivity of digital and mobile networks.

Who: Paul James and Stuart Elford

Environment and climate change

What: Helping our businesses take practical steps to reduce their environmental impact.

Who: Ian McFadzen and Jackie Young

Transport infrastructure

What: Improving access to and from our region as well as travel within to improve productivity.  Lobbying for increased investment.

Who: Richard Stevens and Stuart Elford

If you would like to give feedback on any of our strategic priorities, please email Helen Hart, our Head of Member Services, at 

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