International Trade

International Trade


Embassy, FCO and Notary services

What other types of documents do we process?

• Commercial invoices and packing lists

• Any commercial or legal documents required for international trade such as: Power of Attorney, Distributor Agreement, Health Certificate, Certificate of Free Sale, Trademark Certificate, Commercial Contract, Article of Association and Certificate of Incorporation

Any such documents will only be processed if they bear an original signature and that signature is on the company Formal Undertaking.

Any documents issued by UK Government, that do not bear a physical signature, will need to be countersigned by an Authorized Signatory of the company (whose signature features on the Formal Undertaking).Please note that we can only certify or legalize original documents. Copies can also be processed, provided that they have been certified as “true copy of the original document” by a Notary Public, Solicitor or an Authorized Signatory of the company (whose signature is on the Formal Undertaking).


We work with a network of Notaries both in Devon and in London, allowing us to process the notarisation of documents within a suitable timeframe.We are also able to arrange additional authentication steps where required, such as Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office Apostille, Technical Translations or Embassy Legalisation.

Foreign Office Apostille

We work closely with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office to assist our customers with securing Apostille legalisation for their documentation.

Via our appointed agents we can arrange for dedicated couriers to lodge and collect documentation into the Foreign Office Legalisation Department.

In addition to arranging Apostille legalisation, we can assist our customers with any required supplementary authentication, such as Notarisation and Embassy Legalisation.

Embassy Legalisation

We work closely with all of the foreign Embassies and Consulates in London to arrange document legalisation for our customers.Our appointed agent are dedicated to the lodging and collecting of documentation to be legalised at various Embassies and Consulates across London. They operate a daily lodging and collection service, giving Devon businesses the most efficient method of securing Embassy Legalisation.

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