City College Plymouth highlights benefits of apprenticeships for your business


City College Plymouth reports that thousands of employers are safeguarding their businesses through clear skills agendas and apprenticeships. As part of National Apprenticeship Week, which runs from 6-12 February, here’s why you should consider the same for your business. 

Log on to any news or business site and there is a strong possibility you will encounter the ‘R’ word: recession.

While there is still some uncertainty as to whether the UK will officially enter a recession, it can’t be ignored that many businesses are feeling the squeeze.

Some are facing a double-edged sword: a struggling economy and vacancies going unfilled either due to lack of applicants or – as is increasingly common – a lack of the “right” skills. Across the world, economists and business leaders are discussing the prospect of an “employed recession” – the first time this has occurred in living memory. 

According to a report by APSCo OutSource, the trade association for Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Managed Service Providers, Statement of Work and Managed Projects, businesses need to prioritise talent to survive what comes next and compile a skills agenda. 

In the past, many of us have responded to these challenges by simply bringing in new talent; but in a world where the skilled have the pick of the jobs, other routes might need to be considered to get the workforce you need to not only overcome the next year or so, but to fully future-proof your growth. 

Apprenticeships aren’t new – most of you reading this probably know a great deal about them, possibly even employ an apprentice; but what some might not realise is this is a successful and cost-effective way of generating the skills your company needs whilst motivating an already loyal workforce.

We also realise that many small businesses are so focused on delivering their operational needs, they might feel as if they don’t have time to manage an apprenticeship – and that is why our team works hard to take away all of the hard work so you only receive the benefits.

More and more businesses across the country – across the world in fact – are utilising apprenticeships (and enjoying the financial incentives) to retrain their current workforce. Apprenticeships – like jobs – are becoming more and more flexible, whilst also becoming more aligned with the skills-demands of 21st century employers. 

City College Plymouth has a long and established history of providing apprenticeship training. In fact, it is the city’s largest provider, working with in excess of 500 employers to create bespoke skills packages to suit their agenda and business goals. They work with every type of employer – from sole traders to huge organisations. And their apprenticeship provision is constantly evolving, with new apprenticeships being introduced on a regular basis. 

Funding is also readily available to support more organisations in taking on apprentices, with the Government contributing between 95% and 100% of training costs for SMEs. 

Whilst contentious in terms of generating social mobility, the big headline regarding apprenticeships recently is the increasing number of people turning their backs on the traditional university route, opting for degree apprenticeships instead.

For businesses, this means potentially a bigger talent pool than ever from which to recruit; and a business offering the right opportunities, particularly for school-leavers, will have their pick of the bunch, resulting in highly skilled employees who can be instilled with your company’s values.

For those who might be looking to reappoint current staff, investing in your workers through apprenticeships has proved its worth with regards to employee retention. When staff feel valued, appreciated and given a sense of ownership, they’re less inclined to go searching for the latest vacancies. 

If you are interested in finding out how City College can support your business with your bespoke skills agenda, contact their Employer Solutions team for an obligation-free chat. You can call them on 01752 305026, or visit to arrange a call-back. 

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