Try before you deny… how ScarWork helps people across the world

Julie Makarewicz is a certified Scar Therapy Practitioner, and her integrated, drug-free and non-invasive therapeutic approach brings relief and positive, lasting outcomes. Here, Julie talks about her journey with My Functional Recovery and explains the ScarWorkTM process.

As much as pineapple on pizza might be controversial to some, how many of us are guilty of making assumptions about something we have never tried before?

And how many of us, regardless of age or experience, still possess the quality of curiosity?


It was pure curiosity, that started me on a journey to where I am today, being the proud owner of Plymouth’s first dedicated Scar Tissue Therapy clinic. Providing a variety of hands-on and therapeutic interventions for both old and new scars.

Whether they have been acquired through planned surgery, catastrophic injury, physical trauma or cancers, each one has the potential to influence the body, in ways we may not have comprehended.


I was first introduced to ScarWorkTM in 2017, taken aback at the level of impact my 14” kidney removal scar acquired at the tender age of 17 in 1989, was having on my body. It had disrupted my breathing patterns, the way I moved, my posture and my pelvic alignment. And explained why my balanced had changed during no stirrup work when riding, and as an ex county swimmer in my youth, my frustration at struggling with my stroke and breathing rhythm when swimming.

Fascinated by this work and the positive impact it had on me, I pursued all things Scar Therapy. Jumping onto the first pilot course in Breast Cancer ScarWorkTM and trained in MSTR, combining it to great effect with other work I did as a Physical Therapist.

In 2018 I travelled to Bosnia as a volunteer therapist for Healing Hands Network. Where I was privileged to be working with clients that had sustained injuries as a result of the Bosnian war. And my scar therapy skills were well and truly tested.


Working on sniper wounds, amputations, stab and torture wounds, bomblast injuries and shrapnel wounds, was a profound experience.

It was working on two particular ladies in Sarajavo, that left me in no doubt about wanting to specialise in Scar Tissue Therapy. One who had sustained a bomb-blast injury as an adolescent requiring left-side skull reconstruction and who had feeling come back to that side of her face after treatment.

And another who had been in constant pain after a through and through snipper wound to the lower abdomen, was now able to stand, walk and eat without pain.

Upon my return, I set about training in areas that would support the work I wanted to undertake such as Barefoot Rehabilitation, Advance TMJ Therapy… all areas that would help me understand the impact of surgical interventions, such as foot surgeries, the structures affected by head and neck cancers and so on. Then Covid happened. Followed by my mum being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer during the last lockdown, so I took a step back from my work.

Though caught early and the Whiple was performed, in May 2022 it was confirmed as returned, in her scar tissue, and she passed in June 22. But this sent me on another journey as I knew of three new clients prior to Covid, coming for physical therapy, relay how their cancer return in their scars.

This was further fuel to add to the driving force behind my work. Although it is said to be a rare occurrence… Could it be not enough clearance? Or the lack of lymphatic movement and impaired blood supply be contributing factor. And from some scientific papers it is the latter…

It was in October 2021, during my mum’s cancer journey, I repeated the Breast Cancer Specialist ScarWorkTM  in London. Seated opposite me was a beautiful lady, in her late 30’s, navigating the healing process of DIEP… major breast reconstructive surgery after cancer, whilst caring for two young children. Distraught, tired and frustrated, it was her friend who recommended she volunteered as a Scar Therapy model. And her first question to me…

“Why are we not told about this therapy after surgery?”

My dedication to this work, knows no boundaries, having completed further specialist oncology and scar therapy practitioner courses in 2022, with two more scar therapy courses on the go and a few to be pencilled in the diary. I consider myself to be very privileged.

I get to work with incredible individuals in clinic, each session is a teacher and a lesson, each imparting a legacy of further knowledge and understanding. One that I am able to build upon, reinvesting that knowledge and experience to the betterment of each client that comes after them.

I have always been quite happy to work well below the radar, but there is only so much nagging,… er persuasion… from clients, my support network and close friends I can tolerate! So here I go, putting this out there to the good folks of Plymouth. And with the rising rates of breast cancer, joint replacements, c-sections, traumatic injuries and planned surgeries, perhaps timing is of the essence. And I hope this work maybe of benefit to anyone that seeks it.

If you would like to know more about my work, book in for a free consultation or create a collaborative approach, please touch base on 07544 844970 or drop me a message on Facebook here.

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…because healing isn’t always linear

Julie Makarewicz

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