Helping business owners get back on track and reconnect with their businesses

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Kevin Cope is an Entrepreneurs Circle Certified coach who has helped many business owners reconnect with the reason they started their business, get back on track and live the life they dreamed of.

Kevin’s life took a turn for the worst on 8 December 2008 when he was made redundant from Woolworths. There was no redundancy, he only got paid to the 8 December and to top it all, his final salary pension was entered into the Pension Protection Fund.

At that point, Kevin decided to give up on corporate life and do things on his own terms. It took a while to work out what that was but along with his property business, he now has a successful coaching business.

He can call upon all his experience from working in several technology companies and from having built four successful businesses of his own, one out of the last recession in 2008. Kevin has been nominated for the award of Top EC Coach in 2021 and 2023.

As an Entrepreneurs Circle Certified coach, Kevin works with his clients to grow their business beyond 2023 by becoming a Professional Business Owner. Together we implement a plan to get them back on track.

It is a proven 9-step programme

  1. Clear goal and target
  2. Understand your numbers.
  3. Formulate a plan.
  4. Get the right team in place.
  5. Crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers.
  6. Deliver a great customer experience.
  7. Monitor the routine.
  8. Leverage the business.
  9. Choose your future.

Kevin loves helping business owners to reconnect with the reason they started their business and help them to grow their business so they can live the life they once dreamed of.

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