Word Forest honoured as recipient of NatWest SE100 Award


The Word Forest Organisation, who do incredible work fighting the effects of climate change in the UK and beyond with a reforesting programme in Kenya, have been honoured with a prestigious award.

The charity has been named a recipient of the prestigious NatWest SE100 Award, which recognises the work of social enterprises.

This award celebrates Word Forest’s exceptional dedication to boosting social and environmental impacts, underscoring its commitment to expanding and protecting Kenya’s canopy cover and empowering women.

The SE100 is an annual awards programme delivered by Pioneers Post in partnership with NatWest. It exists to throw a spotlight on the Top SE100 (social enterprises) and it also presents Social Business Awards in seven different categories.

Simon West, Word Forest’s MD and co-founder, said: “Word Forest has an amazing team in the UK and Kenya. Their tireless efforts and innovative initiatives have earned the charity a well-deserved place among the SE100, cementing our status as a leading global force in the fight against deforestation and mitigating our climate emergency.”

Who are Word Forest Organisation?

The Word Forest Organisation is a pioneering environmental and education charity based in the South West and also a member of the Devon and Plymouth Chamber of Commerce.

Since its foundation in 2017, the charity has remained on a steadfast course to mitigate the deadly effects of our climate emergency in the UK and across the world. It does so by reforesting Kenya, facilitating environmental education and promoting sustainable lives and livelihoods.

The significance of the NatWest SE100 Award

The NatWest SE100 Award is widely regarded as a benchmark of excellence in the social enterprise sector. It recognises organisations that combine sustainable business practices with a profound commitment to social impact.

By bestowing this honour upon Word Forest, NatWest acknowledges their extraordinary dedication to environmental conservation and community development. This recognition will undoubtedly raise the profile of Word Forest and amplify their mission to a wider audience.

Word Forest’s remarkable achievements

Living on the frontline of global heating in Kenya presents countless challenges for humans and wildlife. To help carve an easier route through them and to mitigate desertification and rising temperatures, Word Forest has planted over 1 million trees and delivered over 100,000 hours of education, predominantly to disenfranchised women.

Empowering them with vital knowledge on sustainability and the environment, has proven to be a powerful tool to evoke positive change locally and globally.

Inspiring ideas in action

Word Forest’s success can be attributed to its diverse range of pioneering programs. Taking their women’s empowerment initiatives alone, their work spans multiple domains and addresses both environmental and social issues.

Through their unique and holistic approach, they foster practices such as permaculture, syntropic agroforestry and indigenous tree care. They nurture local talent and inspire individuals to take an active role in protecting their natural surroundings.

The NatWest SE100 Award validates the effectiveness and innovation of these initiatives, providing a strong endorsement of their multi-layered positive impact.

Collaborative partnerships and future prospects

CEO and co-founder, Tracey West comments: “I believe achievements like this are only possible when you apply an equitable and collaborative approach. By forging partnerships with communities, businesses and officials, we’ve created a network of support that amplifies our efforts.

“The recognition from the award will further enhance our credibility. As we step closer to becoming an accredited body to issue carbon offsets, I hope it will also attract more strategic alliances and funding opportunities. This will enable us to scale up our operations and make an even greater impact on the environment and society.”

Simon concluded: “Awards are great but it’s back to business as usual for us, working relentlessly towards our vision of a safer future for all. When you plant trees that grow up to 10 times faster than anywhere else on the planet, the job is made far simpler.

“If our mission resonates with you, get in touch to join our growing roster of green-minded partners, helping to reduce global weather extremes and preserve a planet we can all do business on.”

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