Help Generous Earth team hit £12,500 target to tackle city’s food waste


Food Plymouth is urging local people and businesses to get involved in the team’s Generous Earth project, a community composting initiative which supports a network of local community composters in the city.

This talented and growing team are turning food waste into a wonderful natural growing medium and soil conditioner.

As part of the initiative, Food Plymouth has launched a Community Compost Crowdfunder to support community composting and tackle food waste in Plymouth.

The aim is to raise £12,500 which will be used to purchase three special Ridan Pro 400 food waste composting systems to showcase composting on a larger scale.

These composters will be placed in Central Park, Devonport and Keyham in community settings to help them turn food waste into beautiful compost for use in the community.

Watch the video below to find out more.

Generous Earth aims to showcase and encourage composting on different scales so everyone can do it! This involves:

  • Making lots of top-quality compost!
  • Supporting people and community organisations to produce their own peat-free compost full of life and nutrients
  • Educating and mentoring community members to compost in community settings and at home
  • Transforming ‘waste’ into a valuable resource
  • Working with communities and businesses to find better solutions to make the best use of food ‘waste’ and green ‘waste’
  • Feeding our soils to grow more healthy delicious local food in the city of Plymouth
  • Encouraging resourcefulness, innovation and abundance thinking
  • Connecting people, communities and green spaces

Generous Earth was set up in 2020 with the welcome support of local food partnership Food Plymouth as part of the Plymouth Green Minds legacy.

Since then. it has been supporting the adoption of different composting methods including Hotbins and Bokashi composting, along with more traditional methods.  

Generous Earth was piloted at Snapdragons in Stonehouse with the Fertile Edges composting project during the COVID-19 pandemic and has also supported composting initiatives in Blockhouse Park, Stoke.  

The project team has been working with Plymouth City Council on feasibility studies and exploring opportunities to find spaces to do more community composting in the city, exploring opportunities and collaborating with the Council to develop a community composting and earth systems site at the southern end of Zoo Field.

This includes a permaculture co-design project in the spring of 2021. Amongst lots of other things, the work has revealed that many local people are frustrated that their food waste goes into the general waste bins, leading to smelly bins and a waste of a useful resource which should be returned to the soil!

Generous Earth is now stepping up to the next stage and raising funds to buy three Ridan food waste composting systems which have suddenly become available. Until recently these were used to compost food waste a few miles outside the city.

Each Ridan system can process up to 400 litres (200kg) of food waste per week which will greatly increase our composting capacity and speed.

Any additional funding above the costs of equipment will pay for set-up costs of each of the Ridan composting systems as well as supporting community groups and local residents through mentoring and practical composting workshops.

This project also offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward on the Crowdfunder and make your donation.

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