From Earth to Shelf with Rebecca Day 360

Rebecca Day 360 scours the globe sourcing ingredients, then builds humanitarian projects for ingredients sustainability. From Earth to Shelf, Rebecca’s humanitarian projects cover remote off-grid countries from Malekula island in South Pacific to high altitudes in Mount Everest region…

Today from my NW Turret Mount Edgcumbe, I am coordinating 1,800kg quarterly food delivery parcels I give to 90 elderly and disabled Sherpas and mountain people living in high-altitude villages of ASL 3500m to ASL 3995m for food delivery parcels can only be done via Yak trains and our team of porters, climbers when they are not guiding international climbers to Summit Mount Everest.

They are helping me deliver across extreme remote mountain villages. It is important to me to buy all food from local growers and farmers.

Rice, I buy from the subtropical regions of Nepal direct from rice paddy fields and helicopter underslung loads which meet the Yak trains to carry up higher into mountains.

While sourcing ingredients Seabuckthorn and Juniper berry grown on mountain ridges ASL 4,200m I came across Fu Tshering Sherpa 74-year-old living as an outcast in a cave, so I decided to build him a home in the heart of Khumjung village with the help of the village we made it happen.

Building humanitarian projects is crucial for ingredient sustainability and we teach the locals how to look after their environment, the resources at their doorstep and the value each ingredient has which it gives the Sherpas a better quality of life with an income and opportunities for their children to go to school and receive a hot lunch which I sponsor to 60 mountain children in Thame ASL 3,900m. Sales from the Sherpa Rub funds all the projects in the region.

In South Pacific Remote Island of Malekula we source Tamanu, supporting the local mothers and their children who walk along collect the Tamanu nuts from the shorelines and we buy whatever they can collect cash paid per weight, which is then dried in the hot sun, peeled and pressed to extract the oil.

Our Sandalwood comes from heartwood Sandalwood plantations in main island Port Vila Vanuatu both by nature and replanting we always seed replant making sure we keep the from Earth to Shelf cycle going.

Every country we source from, we build projects and look how we can help the local people. One of my favourite places for an abundance of ingredients is a very remote place called Socotra Island for Dragon’s blood (a tree that bleeds red when bark falls or cut) and Frankincense.

Closer to home, as an expat and after living 30 years overseas, I am scouring Great British lands, coastlines for ingredients and then formulating them into new products and collections. 

Sponsoring Ken Hames MBE and Conservation In Action. Ken set up for British and Commonwealth Veterans. Ken brings a unique skillset to Rebecca Day 360, especially when on expeditions in very remote off-grid countries, enabling the protection of people and their rights as well as protecting endangered habitats and species.

Conservation in Action also transitions and retrains Veterans through land management accredited courses which we fully support and sponsor.

Rebecca also offers a consultancy service: covering contract developing, R&D, exclusive collections, custom blends to green alternatives, finding solutions from bi-products either developing into innovative products or recycling back into the manufacturing process for zero waste.

Sales from Rebecca Day 360 products and collections fund all our humanitarian projects From Earth to Shelf which are available online at or at our Showroom: The Barrow Centre, Mount Edgcumbe Country Park, Cremyll, PL10 1HZ.

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