Net Zero Hub

Net Zero Hub

The road to Net Zero: how SMEs can make the difference

Reaching Net Zero is perhaps one of the greatest challenges society has ever faced. Marsh Commercial takes a closer look at what we need to do to get there.

Urgent action is needed to halve carbon emissions by 2030 and reach net-zero levels by 2050. The deadlines are tight and businesses need to act sooner rather than later.

The outbreak of the coronavirus understandably meant that some businesses put net-zero strategies on the back burner while they focussed on survival.

Now, as we begin to move towards recovery, net-zero will be firmly back on the agenda. We know it won’t be easy. The huge financial struggles and economic uncertainty facing SMEs still exist. And the race to net-zero is certainly a challenging one for many industries. There is also considerable uncertainty surrounding the associated emerging risk implications.

These challenges, however, also present opportunity for competitive differentiation. The first-movers are already seeing results, such as lower emissions, economic opportunities and increasingly supportive employees, customers and investors. These positive changes are helping to bring competitive edge and commercial advantage for many.

With sustainability and climate change impacting businesses across virtually all sectors, there are a variety of targets that leaders should be aware of as they outline their approach to this pressing topic.

The importance of net-zero to SMEs

It is all too easy to assume that net-zero is an issue for government and big business, but SMEs have a crucial role to play too, contributing around half of business- driven carbon emissions, or 30% of the UK’s emissions overall.1

Clearly then, SMEs can make a significant contribution to the UK’s overall net-zero targets. The efforts of larger businesses working to combat climate change and working towards net zero are well documented.2

Tackling these risks can only be a collective effort, but every individual success in reducing carbon dioxide emissions will contribute to the net-zero cause.

Here to help

It’s time to embrace the reality of climate change. Whether you are right at the beginning of your journey to net-zero, have taken the first few tentative steps, or are well along the road to carbon neutrality, we are here to help people and businesses like you.

Visit our net-zero resource centre at for our free net-zero guide, and access practical tools and insights.

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