International Trade

International Trade

Rules of Origin

Many businesses and Chamber members will need to understand the rules around origin, often for the first time. These rules are complex, and this page is intended to help you orient yourself and decide where additional research may be necessary. How can origin can be defined? It’s the “national source” or “economic nationality” of a … Read more


The need to acquire and update international trade skills to compete in this rapidly evolving globalised world is both essential and urgent! Need a refresher on international trade? Or do you have new team members who require an introduction to the area? Our export and import training courses provide you with everything you need to … Read more

Route to Market / Export Britain

Almost every major town or city in the world has a Chamber of Commerce at the heart of its business community and it is strong trading links that tie these Chamber together on a global scale. The UK’s accredited and associated Chambers are part of an international network, existing to develop and strengthen international trade … Read more

Customs Declaration Service

ChamberCustoms delivers a customs declaration service for UK importers and exporters, of all sizes, in every region of the United Kingdom. With our extensive knowledge, reputation and first-class service in facilitating international trade, we can take the hassle out of your hands when it comes to exporting and importing goods. The service is offered direct … Read more

Embassy, FCO and Notary services

What other types of documents do we process? • Commercial invoices and packing lists • Any commercial or legal documents required for international trade such as: Power of Attorney, Distributor Agreement, Health Certificate, Certificate of Free Sale, Trademark Certificate, Commercial Contract, Article of Association and Certificate of Incorporation Any such documents will only be processed … Read more

UK Certificate of Origin

Devon & Plymouth Chamber of Commerce is an Issuing Body, appointed by HM Government. The Chamber is authorised to certify export documentation, including for 2021 the new UK Certificate of Origin, Arab-British Certificate of Origin, the replacement for the EUR1 Customs Movement Certificates and ATA Carnets. The best and most cost-effective way to apply for … Read more

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