Shareholders’ agreements: do you need one?

Whether you are starting a new venture or operating an existing business, it is important to consider your relationships with the other people involved. A shareholders’ agreement may not seem relevant to you right now, particularly if you have gone into business with family or friends you trust. However, situations can quickly escalate, and if … Read more

Can you stop sellers setting up against you?

Liam Toulen, Associate at Ashfords’ Exeter office, examines how you can protect the value of your business purchase when sellers set up in competition It is not uncommon for the former owner/directors to be retained to lead a business following the sale of the Company. Typically, service contracts will be put in place with the … Read more

Ecommerce restrictions post-Brexit explained

As of January 1, 2021, any online UK businesses which target customers within EEA jurisdictions, needs to comply with local laws specific to online commerce. Previously, cross-border operation of online business in the UK and EEA was protected by the EU eCommerce Directive. The Directive allowed online businesses to operate anywhere in the EEA (e.g. … Read more

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