Business Fundamentals Training

Following hot on the heels of our successful International Trade Training Programme, we are introducing a new series of courses tackling Business Fundamentals.  So important for both new and established companies, these courses will help everyone get the basics right.

We are all faced with challenges in our business on a day-to-day basis and a surprising number come down to basics such as planning, or communication between people and teams, or managing process and change.  Time and money can be saved with effective planning and communication.  Putting processes in place and getting them right each and every time is important for quality, employee motivation and customer satisfaction.  Businesses are growing and adapting all the time to remain competitive, adopt new technologies and improve their processes but change can be challenging.  Understanding the dynamics of change management and how to make it successful is an important skill for every business.

Marketing is essential for every business and virtually everyone in the company can play their part in  marketing products and services.  Our Marketing Basics course introduces marketing to anyone in the business who needs to understand the importance of well-planned and implemented marketing activities.

Each course tackles one topic and will provide attendees with an understanding of the impact on their business and provide practical ideas that can be put in place straight away to make improvements.

Business Planning (One Day)                              30th May

Effective Communications (One Day)         24th April          20th June

Managing Change (Half Day)                            27th June

Process Management (Half Day)                    27th June

Marketing Basics (Half Day)                            14th May              19th June

Who Can Benefit from the Courses?

  • Owners and managers in small businesses
  • Managers in any size of business looking to develop skills in these areas
  • Newly appointed or promoted managers, team leaders and supervisors
  • Other employees needing to develop specific skills

The programme covers a wide range of business skills that are valuable for many different members of staff.  Attendees will benefit from attending all training, but each is delivered independently enabling organisations to ensure the right staff attend the right training for their role.


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